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Mini s’mores pies are the perfect Halloween treat, combining the nostalgic flavors of campfire s’mores with a festive twist. Their bite-sized goodness makes them an eerie-sistible addition to any spooky celebration. I’ve been making these s’mores pies recently, and when I saw the new Peeps at Publix, I had to give these a try. I […]

Halloween Mini S’mores Pies


When the full moon peeks through the inky blackness and the wind carries whispers from realms unknown, it’s time to gather for a night of thrilling tales and spine-tingling surprises. Welcome to my Goosebumps party, where the boundary between reality and the eerie unknown blurs, and every shadow holds a chilling secret. From ghastly ghouls […]

Goosebumps Party Table


For those of you who don’t know, I work in marketing for Sprinkle Pop. I am not great at naming mixes or coming up with color combos, but I LOVE bringing the mixes to life. This mix is called “Rose Gold Pumpkin” and I decided to make it into s’mores. I used pumpkin chocolate then […]

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin S’mores


If there’s one thing I wish I did more on my pages, it would be tablescapes. I always loved flipping through magazines when I was younger and seeing how they’d create these fun and themed party tables. So, this year I went to Michaels and got everything for a Spooky Treat Table. I can say […]

Spooky Treat Table


Funfetti Oreos are probably one of the most exciting things I’ve created on my page 😂 I worked for a chocolate factory for a long long long time, and I have probably seen 100,000 chocolate-covered Oreos go out the door. When I started making them on my own, I thought hmmm bet it would look […]

Halloween Funfetti Oreos


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