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This fudge is such a great way to repurpose those extra Kit Kats and Twix bars leftover from Trick or Treating. The recipe is so easy- only 3 ingredients. All you need is your favorite leftover candy bars, semisweet chocolate chips, and rich chocolate frosting. It’s such an easy treat that’s both crunchy and creamy. […]

Leftover Halloween Candy Fudge


Funfetti Oreos are probably one of the most exciting things I’ve created on my page 😂 I worked for a chocolate factory for a long long long time, and I have probably seen 100,000 chocolate-covered Oreos go out the door. When I started making them on my own, I thought hmmm bet it would look […]

Halloween Funfetti Oreos


I love love love making sprinkle cookies, and these were a really fun theme. They’re really simple to make, but add a bit of extra fun to the design. I’ve got a few more coming soon too! What I used to make these!

Sprinkle Shark Cookies


One of my all time favorite and EASIEST desserts! It’s no-bake and filled with cookies, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and candy. These desserts are so easy to customize and anyone can make them!

Chocolate Crunch Icebox Dessert


VALENTINE’S S’MORES BREAKDOWN! A quick tutorial on how to make your own chocolate-covered s’mores at home! These are made with milk chocolate, graham crackers, and strawberry marshmallow fluff.

Valentine’s Day S’mores


Funfetti Valentine’s Day cupcakes filled with Nutella and topped with sprinkles, buttercream, and a chocolate heart. So easy to make and such a fun Valentine’s treat. Link to Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

Nutella-Filled Valentine’s Day Cupcakes



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