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Welcome to the blog

I have been LOVING these mini ice cream cakes! This flavor was based on the “Lemon Squeezy” mix from Sprinkle Pop. I used layers of vanilla and lemon blueberry ice cream and then topped it off with freeze-dried lemon crunchies!

Mini Lemon Blueberry Ice Cream Cakes


It’s getting close to the end of summer, so I wanted to throw in a few more ice cream recipes. This one was made for a party- I actually made two! I did strawberry at the base of one and cheesecake on top and then reversed it. They looked so pretty and tasted amazing 🙂

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake


A mini summer ice cream cake inspired by this tropical sprinkle mix. It has a Cotton Candy Oreo crust, Cotton Candy ice cream, and you guessed it…cotton candy on top!

Cotton Candy Oreo Ice Cream Cake



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