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These are one of my very first posts that I did on my Instagram account years and years ago. I modified them a bit, but Lucky Charms are still my favorite cereal to use for a marshmallow treat. These have a marshmallow-filled base, extra sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. If you do nothing else for […]

St Paddy’s Lucky Charms Treats


My most favorite chocolate mold with a Valentine’s twist! I used my s’mores mold from Spinning Leaf Molds and made them hot pink. The inside is filled with my regular graham cracker fluff combo, but this time I used strawberry fluff and strawberry shake M&Ms. Decorate with a few mini conversation hearts on the outside […]

Sweetheart S’mores


These are easy individually portioned brownie sundaes with a raspberry cheesecake upgrade! I used Funfetti brownie mix and divided it between 6 tart tins. After baking them, I topped each with raspberry cheesecake ice cream and sprinkles. These can be served warm or cool, and they’re AMAZING both ways! THE STORY: I’ve made these mini […]

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Sundaes


These are an easy classic recipe that I’ve made so many times over the years. These are full of mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms, but feel free to put your own twist on them! And bonus, they’re super easy for kids if you have little helpers in the kitchen. THE STORY: Someone gave me […]

Loaded Cake Mix Cookies


The new Mean Girls movie is coming out, so I just had to make something to celebrate it. I decided on marshmallow treats that had a mix of the classic pink theme + the colors and feel of the Burn Book. They have chopped frosted animal cookies in them plus a drizzle of pink chocolate […]

Mean Girls-Inspired Marshmallow Treats


I’ll be honest with you, I never got the hype about mug cakes. I always thought, I’d rather just have a slice of cake with frosting. That was until I tried this one WITH ICE CREAM. It has a chocolate base with chocolate chips and I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream with mini […]

Easy Double Chocolate Mug Cake


I am on a marshmallow treat kick and throwing around the idea of making a whole eBook about them. Whatcha think? These are my newest holiday creation, and I loved them so much! They’re a mix of Cocoa Krispies, chocolate chips, and Andes peppermint baking chips. Christmas in cereal treat form! So, if you need […]

Peppermint Cocoa Krispies Treats


I love love love chocolate-covered Oreos. I used to work in a chocolate factory and I found them irresistible. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to dip them, so I do this instead. Basically it’s melted chocolate, then Oreos, then more chocolate. That’s it. You can change how much chocolate you use of course based […]

Easy Chocolate-Covered Oreos/Bark


There’s nothing like candy canes at Christmas and they’re even better as part of a cupcake. I’m calling these Tis the Season Cupcakes because they’re just so festive! They have a 2-tone red and green cake base, vanilla candy cane buttercream frosting, and a sprinkling of extra candy canes on top. I’ve made so many […]

Tis the Season Cupcakes


One of my all time favorite and EASIEST desserts! It’s no-bake and filled with cookies, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and candy. These desserts are so easy to customize and anyone can make them!

Chocolate Crunch Icebox Dessert



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