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These are an easy classic recipe that I’ve made so many times over the years. These are full of mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms, but feel free to put your own twist on them! And bonus, they’re super easy for kids if you have little helpers in the kitchen. THE STORY: Someone gave me […]

Loaded Cake Mix Cookies


I am never going to stop making this cookie skillet 😂 It’s cute and easy to theme for the seasons PLUS it is one of my favorite desserts to eat. Feel free to get creative and mix and match toppings and ice cream flavors. You really and truly cannot go wrong. THE STORY: I first […]

Valentine’s Day Cookie Skillet


I made another treat box with the CUTEST boxes I have ever seen. I filled them with the cookies below and a bunch of little favors. All details are below 🙂

Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes


I made these for Valentine’s Day, but just couldn’t wait…these are the newest version of “gooey butter cake bars” and by far my favorite of all time. I love the red velvet/cream cheese combo, but sometimes the frosting is just too tart for me. This has a similar vibe but the sweetness of the Oreos […]

Red Velvet Oreo Bars



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