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My skillet obsession is not ending! This time I re-invented the new Cinnabon cookies. They’re chocolate chip cookies with a cinnamon roll inside. The one that I tried wasn’t good…really dry, so I decided to make it into a skillet dessert. It came out better than I imagined! The chocolate chip cookies went perfectly with […]

Cookie Cinnamon Roll Skillet


One of my FAVORITE things that I have ever made…These apple cinnamon cookie butter biscuits are perfect for Fall, and ridiculously easy to make. Biscoff is the secret ingredient, and it’s combined with apple pie filling and cinnamon-sugar making these biscuits an irresistible snack for cozy Autumn evenings.

Cinnamon Apple Cookie Butter Biscuits


This decadent Funfetti chocolate layer cake has a surprising twist with its vibrant green frosting filling and added crunch of mini chocolate chips. It’s covered in a rich homemade chocolate fudge frosting that’s to die for. The finishing touches are a glossy chocolate ganache drip, sparkly green glitter dust, whimsical green popcorn, and spooky Goosebumps-inspired […]

Chocolate Funfetti Layer Cake


Let’s start with the baking…I’ve been making cakes based on sprinkle mixes and this is the newest one! I actually started with this blend (it’s part of the Bingeworthy Sprinkle Series). The mix is called Ghost Stories which is inspired by Goosebumps. My mom gets these cakes and the flavor she picked was banana…let’s see […]

The Life Part: Volume 5


These pancakes are semi-DIY and super simple to make! They provide a protein-packed start to the day while satisfying your sweet tooth with the classic cookies & cream flavor. Omigoodness, let me start by saying these protein pancakes have a chocolaty twist and they’re the epitome of a balanced indulgence. I was NOT expecting them […]

Cookies & Cream Protein Pancakes


This week I have a couple of new obsessions to share with you. First off, I don’t usually give out a ton of codes in my stories or on my page. Maybe I’m just not that passionate about anything 😂 BUT that all changed with this nut butter. The company is called American Dream Nut […]

The Life Part: Volume 4


This easy garlic cheese bread loaf is a delicious and semi-DIY side dish that pairs perfectly with pasta or soup…just in time for Fall! It has a crispy exterior infused with buttery garlic flavors and it’s filled with melted cheese. By using store-bought dough and a simple mixture of garlic, butter, and mozzarella cheese, you […]

Easy Garlic Cheese Bread Loaf


These banana cakes with Nilla Wafer frosting combine the rich, moist flavor banana with the nostalgic crunch and sweetness of the classic vanilla wafers. I used Dolly Parton’s banana cake mix and the cutest narrow trays to create the perfect comfort treats! I was super excited how these individual banana cakes turned out! They’re made […]

Banana Cake with Vanilla Wafer Frosting


This Pumpkin Oreo No-Bake Dessert is a sweet blend of autumnal flavors with the classic creamy crunch of Oreos. A semi-DIY treat that perfectly blends the excitement of seasonal spiced pumpkin with the classic taste of Oreo cookies. I’ve made this dessert so many ways, and the seasonal Oreos always give it a special touch. […]

Pumpkin Oreo No Bake Dessert


Mini s’mores pies are the perfect Halloween treat, combining the nostalgic flavors of campfire s’mores with a festive twist. Their bite-sized goodness makes them an eerie-sistible addition to any spooky celebration. I’ve been making these s’mores pies recently, and when I saw the new Peeps at Publix, I had to give these a try. I […]

Halloween Mini S’mores Pies


These mini French silk pies are bite-sized versions of the classic creamy and rich chocolate dessert, enveloped in a buttery crust. Their velvety texture and deep chocolate flavor make them a decadent treat for any occasion! French Silk Pie used to intimidate me…well, mostly because anything that involves a food thermometer intimidates me. So I […]

Mini French Silk Pies


When the full moon peeks through the inky blackness and the wind carries whispers from realms unknown, it’s time to gather for a night of thrilling tales and spine-tingling surprises. Welcome to my Goosebumps party, where the boundary between reality and the eerie unknown blurs, and every shadow holds a chilling secret. From ghastly ghouls […]

Goosebumps Party Table


This month, I needed to make a Woodland Character-themed dessert so I chose these Forest Friends and made them into a cookie pizza! It has a sugar cookie base, sweet cream cheese topping, fresh berries, and colorful sprinkles.

Sugar Cookie Pizza


As expected, this week was REALLY food-focused. Everything from taste-testing to creating all kinds of content. To start…this just might be my favorite cake shot of all time. It was a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and TONS of sprinkles. Then, I made another cake for Christmas is not Cancelled. I host a bake-along for […]

The Life Part: Volume 3


I love a fun and CUTE semi-homemade recipe, so this is perhaps my favorite Halloween dessert ever. It’s easy to put together and customize with different ice cream flavors and toppings. It would be perfect to serve on a cool Fall night during a spooky movie marathon.

Halloween Cookie Skillet


Started off the week with some small bites. I am most definitely a snack-person over a meal-person. On the left is chicken breast, carrots, and Ina Garten’s ranch dressing. The right is Triscuits, peanut butter, Fage yogurt, Elizabeth’s granola, and raspberries. My real food pics are pretty boring 😂 Most importantly, what we’ve been looking […]

The Life Part: Volume 2


This is perhaps the BEST french toast I’ve ever made and honestly ever had. I am a huge shortbread cookie lover, so the buttery sweet crunch was perfection for me. Initially, I planned on using crushed Nutella cookies, but the shortbread was more subtle and not overly sweet. We are huge Nutella lovers in this […]

Shortbread French Toast


Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of Pixar movies but Monsters Inc is one of the exceptions. I loved the original and Monsters University. I even watched the tv series while working out 😂 This mold was too cute, I couldn’t resist. And it’s perfect for Halloween too. For the filling, all […]

Monsters Inc Bars


As summer comes to an end, I’m finishing with a few ice cream recipes. This is a Frozen Strawberry Shortcake and you will absolutely LOVE it. I made it using a BlendJet in the prettiest rose gold color. If you like to make smaller servings, you’ll be obsessed with these. The ice cream base is […]

Frozen Strawberry Shortcake


For those of you who don’t know, I work in marketing for Sprinkle Pop. I am not great at naming mixes or coming up with color combos, but I LOVE bringing the mixes to life. This mix is called “Rose Gold Pumpkin” and I decided to make it into s’mores. I used pumpkin chocolate then […]

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin S’mores


I am getting to the end of my Eras Collection Desserts, and for the 1989 album I made popcorn cones. I used to work at a frozen yogurt shop in college, and one of my all time favorite ice cream treats is a sprinkle cone. I dipped waffle cones in confetti chocolate (or use white […]

Popcorn Cones- 1989 Era


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