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The simplest red velvet cupcakes of all time that are absolutely perfect for the summer holidays. The base is a doctored red velvet cake mix and the frosting has a little trick that I learned from a magazine about 20 years ago! Add some patriotic sprinkles, and these are sure to be a hit.

Patriotic Red Velvet Cupcakes


This is an old-school favorite recipe that I have made countless times over the years! They’re super easy to make and have the lightest chewiest texture. For me, they taste like gummy orange slices, but as a cookie! If you can’t find the orange cake mix, substitute it with any flavor of your choice.

Orange Cloud Cookies


This is more of an idea than a recipe, but WOW is it good! I am a huge fan of anything “cookie monster” flavored, and I had these ice cream to-go cups, so I made a few end of school treats. I started with a layer of crushed cookies. Personally, I love to use Betty […]

Cookie Monster Sundae


These brownies are my FAVORITE to make for every season. All you need is a boxed brownie mix and seasonal or traditional Oreos. They’re topped with a layer of chocolate which gives them a texture similar to a magic shell. I used the Patriotic Popping Candy Hersheys bars which looked amazing. I finished them off […]

Patriotic Oreo Brownies


Brown sugar bacon is definitely one of my top 5 favorite foods. I’m not sure I could ever pass it up! These sliders are made with King’s Hawaiian rolls, havarti cheese, the amazing brown sugar bacon, and honey butter. Needless to say, I LOVED them!

Salty Sweet Sliders


An easy trifle that’s perfect for summer parties, birthdays, or just a little bit of fun! It’s got layers of brownies, a rainbow sprinkle pudding mix, a swirl of chocolate and then classic sundae toppings. This trifle is sure to be a hit!

Brownie Sundae Pudding Trifle


Easiest summer party cake there is! Layers of brownies, ice cream, and crushed cookies topped with hot fudge and sprinkles. This cake is SO EASY to customize. Add your favorite ice cream, cookie flavor, and toppings. It’s a fun treat for summer parties and birthdays.

Brownie Sundae Ice Cream Cake


I am a huge Kit Kat fan, but growing up I really didn’t like them! I thought they were too “airy” and much preferred a Milky Way. Now, they’ve become one of my go-to candies. I love how creative they’re getting with the flavors too. This lemon version was fantastic- vanilla with a light lemon […]

Lemon Kit Kat Blondies


Cookie Sandwich, Part 2! These are such a dream, you’re going to love them. They’re more of a sweet lemon rather than a tart lemon. They remind me of lemon cream sandwich cookies. All you need is a box of lemon cake mix, oil, and eggs for the cookies. The inside is filled with cream […]

Lemon Cream Cheese Cookie Sandwiches


I am starting a brand new cookie sandwich series! First up are strawberry lemonade, which is such a great flavor for the season. The cookies are made with a cake mix and have white chocolate chips and pink glittery sugar, giving them an extra pop of sweetness. I decided to make the buttercream a sweeter […]

Strawberry Lemonade Cookie Sandwiches


Spring is here, and I am ready for sunshine and fresh air. I bet you are too! As much as I love spending time in my kitchen, I make it a point to get outside every day (weather permitting) and go for a walk. Soaking in the sun and seeing the trees and flowers start […]

May Walking Challenge


Every weekend, I meal prep as much as possible. I have a tendency to over-plan AND over estimate how much I can get done in a day. I made this spicy chicken salad last week, and I was so happy that my lunches were just ready to grab. Paired it with some spicy pickles and […]

Spicy Chicken Salad


I am so excited that it’s almost summer aka ice cream season! If you haven’t had no churn ice cream before, it’s pretty creamy almost like a custard. I flavored this one strawberry and added in mini marshmallows. It’s definitely fun to make with kids, and if you’d rather swap it out for ice cream […]

Pink Butterfly Cones


Raspberry is by far my favorite fruit to use in a dessert and these mini raspberry cream cheese pies are so simple but always such a hit. They’re semi-homemade and only a few ingredients. When you need a last minute dessert or pre-portioned treat during the week, they will be perfect!

Mini Raspberry Cream Cheese Pies


This month we were lucky enough to spend the weekend at the Yacht Club at Walt Disney World. The trip was incredible and these are only 1/100th of the photos that I have! Undercover Tourist was kind enough to host our stay, and we are super grateful. They have discounts for hotels and tickets on […]

Life & Disney Trips


My daughter LOVES egg cups, so we make them constantly. They’re super easy to put together and great to heat up. Add in any fillings you’d like such as ham, veggies, or even pepperoni. We meal prep them for the week and highly recommend them dipped in ketchup 😉 THE STORY: Egg cups are so […]

Meal Prep Egg Cups


I’ve been testing a LOT of recipes this year, and one that I wanted to perfect was a stacked bar. I really love desserts with a lot of texture and flavor variation, so I wanted to make sure each layer was really different. For this bar, there’s a brownie base, peanut butter cream cheese filling, […]

Stacked Brownies- Chocolate Peanut Butter


I am excited to release my brand new eMagazine- The Poetic Palate! Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department Release, I created 5 all new recipes. I gave the magazine and the recipes a coffee-shop feel, and I am super excited for you to check them out. Click the photo below to download the magazine […]

The Poetic Plate


I made these brownies specifically for my mom. She LOVES brownies and LOVES chocolate peanut butter even more. The combination of textures- crunchy peanut butter M&Ms, fudgy brownies, and the soft bite of the peanut butter thins makes these absolutely irresistible. THE STORY: I have been doing a ton of recipe experiments recently, and my […]

All-The-Peanut-Butter Brownies


Poke cakes are such an easy dessert to make, and this version has THREE different flavors in one. The base is a chocolate cake filled with hot fudge, and it’s topped with Easter favorites. The first is pink whipped cream and Easter Sundae M&Ms. The second is chocolate frosting and crushed Cadbury eggs. The final […]

Poke Cake Trio- Easter Version


Ben and Jerry’s was kind enough to send me a limited edition ice cream flavor, so I had to make something fun with it! It’s a limited edition flavor called “Marshmallow Sky” and described as Marshmallow Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I […]

Ice Cream Cookie Bars



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