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I’ve got a printable fun list for the summertime! Try to check off all of the activities, and add your favorites 🙂

Summer Fun List


Cookie Butter has been at the top of my ingredient list these days. I used it to make buttercream for these butterfly cupcakes and it’s sensational!! To top it off, they’re filled with a cookie butter whipped cream and topped with Monarch Butterfly sprinkles.

Cookie Butter-fly Cupcakes


This Ultimate Frappuccino is the perfect decadent weekend treat. The hidden gems are pudding mix, sweetened condensed milk, and caramel topping!

Ultimate Frappuccino


This month’s bake-along was inspired by last month’s winner, Tegan D.! She customized the cookies n cream cupcakes by using S’moreos. For those of you not familiar, S’moreos are s’mores flavored Oreos. So this month, I decided to make semi-homemade brownies, s’mores style. Reminder, each month there will be a winner: All you have to […]

June Bake-Along: S’moreo Brownies

Brownies and Bars

This Funfetti Banana Split Pie is one of my favorite desserts this summer! You won’t believe how delicious the combo is, and it’s such a pretty treat. Feel free to add on any dessert toppings that you’d use on your banana split.

Funfetti Banana Split Pie


I love Sugar Bowl Bakery because they have the most delicious pre-packaged treats. They’re always an easy solution for classroom desserts. I used their mini brownies to create these Donkey Kong-inspired Fudge Frosted brownies. The buttercream is so rich and decadent, they make the perfect single bite sweet.

Fudge Frosted Brownies

Brownies and Bars

This week I took a TON of dessert photos and worked on a few different recipes. Here is a bit of the random things that happened throughout the week! The newest s’mores flavor was PB&J. I did an Instagram poll asking what flavor people would like more- grape or raspberry jelly. Raspberry one, but I […]

Weekly Fun & Favorites


This may be my favorite summer cake that I have ever made. I love how bright and fun it is, plus all of the BBQ accent sprinkles. The cake itself is a rich chocolate doctored cake mix recipe and it’s topped with chocolate fudge frosting and tons of decorations.

Summer BBQ Sheet Cake


These are a super easy alternative to birthday cake OR a fun and delicious treat to make for no reason 😉 All you need is brownie mix, birthday cake cookie dough, and rainbow sprinkles.

Birthday Cake Brookies

Birthday parties

Nautical no-bake chocolate covered cookies! These white chocolate cookie bars are all dressed up for summer. They’ve got white chocolate tinted blue, Cape Cod sprinkles, and tiny royal icing lobsters.

Cape Cod Cookie Bars


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