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Welcome to the blog

These are one of my very first posts that I did on my Instagram account years and years ago. I modified them a bit, but Lucky Charms are still my favorite cereal to use for a marshmallow treat. These have a marshmallow-filled base, extra sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. If you do nothing else for […]

St Paddy’s Lucky Charms Treats


The new Mean Girls movie is coming out, so I just had to make something to celebrate it. I decided on marshmallow treats that had a mix of the classic pink theme + the colors and feel of the Burn Book. They have chopped frosted animal cookies in them plus a drizzle of pink chocolate […]

Mean Girls-Inspired Marshmallow Treats


VALENTINE’S S’MORES BREAKDOWN! A quick tutorial on how to make your own chocolate-covered s’mores at home! These are made with milk chocolate, graham crackers, and strawberry marshmallow fluff.

Valentine’s Day S’mores



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