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If you're here, you've probably seen my videos on social media! I wanted to create a space where I can share updates, post vlogs, behind the scenes clips, and recipes. This isn't your traditional blog, I've got a lot coming your way and I'm so happy that you're here!

A little bit about me...I live in Oviedo, Florida which is right outside of Orlando. I majored in Hospitality Management and spent the majority of my career in food service, specifically hospitality marketing. I currently work for Sprinkle Pop as the Director of Sales & Marketing. I have loved making recipes my entire life. In college, I collected tons and tons of cookbooks. One New Year's Eve, I decided that my resolution would be to start making recipes every week. I wrote hundreds in an Excel spreadsheet and then picked random numbers corresponding to the recipes. I told myself I HAD to make those, and my love for cooking and baking began!  

Fast forward to now...In addition to my sprinkle job, I create food videos and often enlist the help of my daughter (Little Life and Sprinkles!) I live here in sunny Florida with my family and we love theme parks, active adventures, and trying new restaurants. I love making all kinds of recipes, not just desserts so keep an eye out for new things coming in 2023! 

Life and Sprinkles

Hi everyone! I’m Taryn Camp aka

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My favorite dessert to eat is cookie dough or cookie sandwiches! My favorite color is pink and my favorite cooking personality is Sandra Lee. If I could do absolutely ANYTHING I'd be in food marketing. That's right, I prefer behind the scenes so that's why this blog is a little bit of everything. Stay tuned! 

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